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Well I never had problems since yesterday 12june I ordered pizza buy one get one half price only got charged full price also chips were missing try to ring but was busy and getting late hopefully this will get sorted later after I spoken to manager

Natalie, 13 Jun 2021

Always piping hot, and delivered on time sometimes early

Linda, 07 Jun 2021

Absolutely appalled with the service on my last order 2 hours for 2 pizzas after calling and being told someone had been to my property and I said I hadn't ordered food, when no one had been at my address to them find out that the driver that delivered had only collected my order just prior to.delivering to me

Scarlett, 07 Jun 2021

Always awesome food

Claire, 04 Jun 2021

Awesome as always

Claire, 21 May 2021

always bang on, cheers lads.

Jami, 09 May 2021

Great food every time

Linda, 05 May 2021

Good food

Morgs, 03 May 2021

very good food and very cheap and good service time

Brandyn, 24 Apr 2021


Jonathan, 11 Apr 2021


Jonathan, 11 Apr 2021

Top food

Jenaya, 17 Mar 2021

I was a regular customer! The food has really gone down in my standards! Portion on salad and sauce is next to nothing! Considering the food prices have increased drastically the food is awful

Sunil, 16 Mar 2021

Always great food from USA, piping hot every time

Linda, 15 Mar 2021

Dacian, 05 Mar 2021

Always pipping hot and yummy

Linda, 01 Mar 2021


Rhi, 24 Feb 2021

Chips weren't very nice felt like they had been fried then fried again. Nice cheese amount and good value for money and quick delivery too.

Demi, 18 Feb 2021

The fries were burnt. All black bits over them from where the fryer hasn't been cleaned. Hardly any cheese on the chips either

Demi, 13 Feb 2021

My family always loved the food quantity and quality you deliver. Keep up the good work.

Jane, 09 Feb 2021


Danna, 04 Feb 2021

That is not bacon it is a very poor imitation with horrible taste spoilt the burger

Steven, 03 Feb 2021

Jonathan, 01 Feb 2021

Jonathan, 01 Feb 2021

Jonathan, 01 Feb 2021

Jonathan, 01 Feb 2021